Group Fitness Classes

Explore our extensive monthly class selection, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Your unique fitness journey is honored with a diverse array of options. Uncover the elements that ignite your passion and drive, leading you to a fitter and healthier self. Join us in creating a personalized path to wellness that suits your individual needs and goals.

Classes Included in Your Membership:

Water Aerobics Classes

Our aqua aerobics program includes warm water and deep water classes, featuring Hydrorider and Boga.

Silverlake Group Exercise

Explore a variety of group exercise classes at Silverlake, including Sit & Be Fit, Jamz, line dancing, yoga, pilates, and Afrobeat dance.

Better Bodies Group Exercise

Discover diverse group exercise sessions at Better Bodies, such as Kick Azz, Tabata, PIYO, pilates, and Barre.

Spinning at Better Bodies

Featuring Interval, Fat Burn, and Endurance classes for dynamic cycling workouts and fitness goals.

Small Group/ Team Training 

Unlock elite training in a group setting with added flexibility at a modest additional cost. Our team training program connects you with top trainers, offering classes tailored to fit your schedule and interests. Elevate your fitness journey by complementing it with personalized training for extra perks. Reach your goals with ease, seizing the opportunity for expert guidance and a bespoke approach to fitness on your terms.

Class Schedule

Jul 21 - 27
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