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Silverlake is your year-round destination for both fitness and family fun.

So much more to offer.

At Silverlake you can:

Unparalleled Youth Programs

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It’s unlimited fun for an entire year – A Silverlake annual membership offers a year of family fun, exploration, creativity, and enjoyment at the club. It’s the gift that keeps giving!


Families bond and make memories at the Silverlake At our club, as parents engage with their children, bonds grow stronger. Away from home distractions and school pressures, families find a perfect space for togetherness, creating lasting memories.


Experiences make the best gifts Instead of toys and electronics, opt for experiential gifts to spark excitement in kids. The club’s larger-than-life experiences will captivate them, ensuring return visits for cherished activities throughout the year.

Family Fun at Silverlake

Silverlake is hands down the best family spot around! From the friendly staff to the awesome activities, there’s something for everyone. We always have a blast when we visit, and the kids absolutely love it. It’s the perfect place to spend quality time together as a family. Highly recommend Silverlake to anyone looking for a fun-filled day out!

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