After School Care & Camps

Join our enriching camps and afterschool programs designed to nurture your child’s growth. Our engaging curriculum offers homework help, fostering academic success. Interact with peers from diverse schools, enhancing social skills. Daily physical activities ensure a healthy lifestyle. Entrust your child to our safe environment, providing parents peace of mind. We establish a structured routine, promoting discipline. Plus, our programs create opportunities for bonding, ensuring a holistic developmental experience for your children.

Childcare Opportunities:

Afterschool Care

Our afterschool program picks up at 7 local schools and offers homework help, and social activities daily.

Day Camps

Silverlake offers day camps for school aged children anytime schools are closed.

Summer Camp School Age

Silverlake School Age Summer Camp offers a dynamic program filled with engaging activities, field trips, and opportunities for learning and growth. With experienced staff and a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities, Silverlake ensures a fun and enriching summer experience for children in a safe and supportive environment.

Summer Camp Preschool

Silverlake Preschool Age Summer Camp provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for young children to explore, play, and learn during the summer months. With age-appropriate activities, caring staff, and a focus on social and cognitive development, Silverlake offers a fun and enriching summer experience for preschoolers.

Meet Our Staff Members

Ashley Crupper

Maddie Hermann

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