Sports Programs

Silverlake Sports offers an enjoyable learning space centered on the fundamentals of gross motor skills and sport-specific expertise. Year-round Lean-to-Play sport classes are available, with the added option of half-day sport camps during the summer for kids to relish.

A Quick Glance at Sports:

Learn to Play

Learn to Play is a dynamic program where athletes are introduced to the fundamentals of four popular sports: basketball, soccer, baseball, and pickleball. Each week, participants receive hands-on training in the basic skills and techniques required for each sport, fostering a comprehensive and engaging athletic experience. 

Seasonal Sports Leagues

Seasonal Sports is an 8-week league for children aged 4-8, designed to balance skill development and game experience. The first four weeks focus on practice, allowing participants to learn and refine their abilities in a supportive environment. The final four weeks are dedicated to games, where kids can apply their skills and enjoy the excitement of competitive play.

Homeschool PE Classes

Home School Sports offers a diverse range of activities including Clip N Climb, Trampoline, Duckpin Bowling, Open Swim, and outdoor walks/runs. Participants also engage in traditional sports like soccer, pickleball, basketball, and baseball, ensuring a well-rounded physical education experience. This program combines adventure and fitness, providing a unique and enjoyable approach to home-based physical education.

Summer Sports Camps

Ages 5 – 13 years

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Brian Napier

Sports Academy Director