Youth Programs

Discover an array of dynamic youth sports programs at Silverlake, where fitness meets fun! Our comprehensive offerings include Gymnastics, Sports Training, Aquatics, Childcare, and Camps. Immerse your child in a world of active learning and skill development. From the grace of Gymnastics to the intensity of Sports Training, we provide a diverse range of experiences. Dive into aquatic adventures, ensure quality childcare, and make memories at our exciting camps. At Silverlake, we’re dedicated to fostering a love for sports and a healthy lifestyle in every child.

A Quick Glance at Classes:

FunNastics Gymnastics

FunNastics is our USAG certified Program for all ages and skill levels.

Swim Lessons

Silverlake Swim Lessons are a Swim America program for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

Sports Programs

Silverlake offers Sports Programs that focuses on the fundamentals of gross motor and sport specific skills.

Camps and Childcare

Silverlake provides an extensive range of childcare solutions that will captivate and delight your children!

Class Schedule

Jul 21 - 27
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