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April 18, 2017

Event Training Club

GOAL to encourage Better Bodies and Silverlake members to participate in a intensive event of their choosing that furthers their own physical fitness appreciation, efforts and wellness.
OBJECTIVE for participants to challenge themselves beyond their normal comfort level by successful completion of one or more challenging events. Please let us know if there are any events you would like us to put a team together for!
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This is a free and voluntary activity primarily organized by Silverlake and Better Bodies members without direction or supervision of staff. Staff will provide minimal education, resources and general advice. Silverlake, Better Bodies and staff assume no liability. All participants must sign a written waiver and release of liability. Participants should recognize that training and participation in activities are potentially dangerous and could result in injury, illness, or even death. Participants assume all risks. Silverlake and Better Bodies do not assume any responsibility for any medical advice, treatment or associated cost involved with participating in these activities.