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Stay Social – Stay Fit

Come exercise, socialize, and get fit in a place your whole family can enjoy. Silverlake The Family Place offers group cardio, weight lifting and water exercise classes at times to fit your schedule. Many people begin an exercise program at home or the gym, but quit due to boredom. At Silverlake, the camaraderie and accountability you[…]

3 Swimming Strokes Everyone Should Know

With swimming being one of the most popular ways to exercise these days, it can be tough to pick the best strokes to focus on while you’re in the pool. Here are three of our favorites that keep us active in the pool: Breaststroke This may be the simplest motion in the swimming world. The[…]

3 Reasons Why Cheerleading is Great for Kids

Active children tend to be happier kids. No matter what their age, kids experience a variety of benefits from an active lifestyle that includes participation in sports such as cheerleading. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, involvement in an organized sport provides young people with a chance to develop physically and socially while increasing[…]

3 Opportunities for Summer Fun at Silverlake

Silverlake is The Family Place because we’ve got something fun for everyone! Parents, we want to encourage you to take advantage of these three opportunities for summer fun at Silverlake: Waterpark The outdoor waterpark facility will be opening on Saturday, May 14. Complete with waterslides, diving boards, an adults only section, lounge chairs, and a[…]