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3 Reasons Basketball Benefits Kids

There are many kids basketball leagues around Cincinnati that offer you and your children a way to get involved in one of the most popular sports of all time. There are so many health benefits to learning any sport as a child, but learning basketball is arguably one of the most fun. There’s a reason[…]

Stay Fit as a Family

You’ve watched movies as a family, you’ve gone on vacation as a family, but have you ever exercised as a family before? Exercising not only gives you valuable time to make memories together, but it also shows your kids how important their health is from an early age! You can start exercising as a family when your[…]

3 Reasons Why Gymnastics are Great for Kids

Everyone who watched the games this year probably thought to themselves “I wish I could be like them.” Olympians are incredible athletes that are one in a million. Even if you and your family aren’t destined to represent your country, that doesn’t mean enrolling your children in gymnastics isn’t the best fit for them. In[…]

Exercise with Friends!

When you have a busy schedule, setting aside time to spend with your friends and finding time to exercise can be a challenge. Instead of getting frustrated, consider combining the two and planning workouts with your friends. This gives you a chance to get some physical activity while socializing, and working out with others can help[…]