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12 Days of Fitness

Many people believe that the 12 Days of Christmas lead up to December 25th. But actually, they start on Christmas Day. Silverlake is celebrating with the 12 Days of Fitness. Time to gather the family and sweat off that holiday food guilt.

12 Days of Fitness at Silverlake

    1. 2 women doing yogaOne for you and one for me: Get a month of free dues when you refer a friend who joins.
    2. A two-person workout: Fun and challenging!
    3. Three machines: Try the weight machine, the elliptical, and the treadmill. Or take this opportunity to try something new!
    4. Four second squats: Go as low as you can, then hold! Repeat as many times as you can.
    5. Five burrrr-pees: Can your kids beat you at burpees? The challenge is on!
    6. Six minute cardio: Every time you finish with a machine, get your heart rate up with a quick cardio routine.
    7. Seven laps a swimming: Silverlake Water provides adult swim classes. We also have youth program swim lessons (our next session starts January 3rd).
    8. Eight water glasses: Your body is about 60% water. Stay in shape (and look great) by staying hydrated.
    9. Nine AM dancing. Zumba classes make fitness fun for the whole family. Sign up for our January Zumba sessions.
    10. Ten minutes stretching. Five minutes of stretching before and after a workout will lower the risk of injury and give you a better workout overall.
    11. Eleven mountain climbers. Your kids will love this one. Trust us!
    12. Twelve basses thumping. Need to get motivated? A few new workout songs is just the thing to get you moving!

Silverlake is the place for family fitness in Erlanger, KY. Need some help creating a family fitness routine? Reach out to us for tips.