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3 Reasons Basketball Benefits Kids

There are many kids basketball leagues around Cincinnati that offer you and your children a way to get involved in one of the most popular sports of all time. There are so many health benefits to learning any sport as a child, but learning basketball is arguably one of the most fun. There’s a reason Michael Jordan is one of the most recognizable athletes in the world — it’s because basketball is fun to watch and play!
Basketball Leages in Cincinnati
It’s obvious that basketball is a great way for your children to exercise. The fast-paced nature of play will keep your kids’ short burst and endurance muscles active and growing! Running, jumping, passing, and quick stepping are just a few moves that will keep their heart rate up!
Mental Exercise
Keeping up with a fast-paced game like basketball takes a great deal of concentration. That’s why this game is so good for a developing brain! Concentrating on defending your man or zone, and quickly changing your mind to running to an open area on a fast break will keep your child’s mind active all game!
Being part of a team does so many things for your children. It grows confidence, self-esteem, and establishes lifelong friendships. Hitting a big shot or passing the ball to a teammate for the game-winning shot creates a bond of trust that is hard to break.
Our coaches and staff at Silverlake hope you and your little ones will join us this year for one of our Fall Sports camps. Silverlake’s Fall Basketball Leagues  begin October 12th and registration is open!