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Stay Fit as a Family

You’ve watched movies as a family, you’ve gone on vacation as a family, but have you ever exercised as a family before? Exercising not only gives you valuable time to make memories together, but it also shows your kids how important their health is from an early age!
Fit Families start at Silverlake
You can start exercising as a family when your kids are just toddlers. For example, instead of taking the elevator or the escalator, take the stairs! (The number of flights you climbed on your FitBit will go up, too!) You can also get them involved with helping in the yard, too! It’s almost time for the leaves to start falling, and child-sized rakes are a great way to get them to help. Make it game by saying whoever makes the biggest pile gets to jump into the leaves first.
As your kids get older, you can start walking/running in charity events together. Not only will you and your family be giving back to charity, but it will give you a lot of quality time as you grow in your fitness goals together. If your kids are still too young to run, most bigger races will have a kids run afterwards!
Once your children hit the age of playing competitive sports, this may be the easiest way! Practicing and playing with them is not only fun, but it will get them ready for their next game, swim meet, or gymnastics event. We all know deep down inside your kids want to beat us in sports, give them a chance but don’t go easy on them!