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3 Reasons Why Gymnastics are Great for Kids

Everyone who watched the games this year probably thought to themselves “I wish I could be like them.” Olympians are incredible athletes that are one in a million. Even if you and your family aren’t destined to represent your country, that doesn’t mean enrolling your children in gymnastics isn’t the best fit for them. In fact — here are three reasons why they’ll probably thank you for signing them up!
Gymnastics are great for kids
They’ll Make Friends
Enrolling your kids in gymnastics give them a chance to hone their social skills at an early age. They’ll be interacting with peers, a team, and adult. Skills such as listening, following directions, and respect are just a few of the many gymnastics teaches. While some events are individual, many events are also based on team scores which will help your child learn to encourage others as well!
They’ll Stay Healthy
While this may be an obvious benefit, it doesn’t make it any less important. Gymnastics can be the most challenging and thus rewarding sport of all. Even at a young age, learning specific healthy habits can translate all the way into adulthood. Eating the right foods and staying active are two important habits that will last a lifetime.
They’ll Learn Control
Moves like the back handspring, front handspring, back tuck, and general tumbling all require excellent control over your entire body. Learning how to control your limbs with your core is important for all sports, and gymnastics teaches it best.
Here at Silverlake, our FunNastic classes start at the age of 3-months and continue all the way up through grade school. If you have any specific questions about our classes, contact Hanna to discuss your child’s skill level so we can match you up with the perfect coach for your child’s needs!