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3 Swimming Strokes Everyone Should Know

With swimming being one of the most popular ways to exercise these days, it can be tough to pick the best strokes to focus on while you’re in the pool. Here are three of our favorites that keep us active in the pool:

Swimming strokes everyone should know!

  1. Breaststroke

This may be the simplest motion in the swimming world. The swimmers’ arms and legs are making the exact same action, so it is an easy stroke to start learning. While the breaststroke may not be the most efficient, it can keep the swimmer’s head above water for excellent visibility making this a great stroke for any level swimmer.
    2. Backstroke
What’s the worst part about floating on your back in a pool? You aren’t going anywhere! The backstroke, like the breaststroke, mainly keeps the swimmer’s head above water which makes breathing patterns easy to learn. After the swimmer learns proper balance, there’s no holding your breath and water won’t get up your nose. So, while your arms are moving in a windmill and your feet in doing a simple flutter kick, you can breathe easy and glide across the top of the water.

  1. Freestyle

The most commonly known stroke is the freestyle. While this is the only stroke of the three that is swum flat on your stomach, this is the most efficient. Using a flutter kick, the swimmer will “crawl” forward with their arms and bring them back in an s-shaped motion. Even though this stroke is used in the fastest swimming events, distance swimmers also prefer to swim freestyle because of how efficient it is.
No matter what style of swimming you choose, don’t forget swimming isn’t limited to the summer here in Kentucky! Our indoor pool is open for swimming 7 days a week, with kids swimming open from 11AM to a half hour before closing time.