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3 Reasons Why Cheerleading is Great for Kids

Active children tend to be happier kids. No matter what their age, kids experience a variety of benefits from an active lifestyle that includes participation in sports such as cheerleading. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, involvement in an organized sport provides young people with a chance to develop physically and socially while increasing their activity levels. Comprehensive cheerleading camps, like those offered at Silverlake The Family Place, help children incorporate strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, and discipline into their lifestyle. Summer cheerleading camps can offer the following benefits for your child:
General Health
Participation in physical sports this summer helps kids become healthy, physically active, and fit. The habits your child learns are carried to adulthood, so regular participation in sports can teach your child lifelong skills in order to live a healthy lifestyle. With one in three children suffering from obesity, getting your children to get moving can help them maintain a healthy body weight as well. Exercise reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
Motor Skills, Coordination and Balance
Cheerleading helps children develop a sense of body awareness and a range of motor and coordination skills. When young cheerleaders take classes they learn how to use different parts of their bodies in a variety of ways. Participation in cheerleading can also help young athletes develop skills that are beneficial to other sports and activities as well.
Social Benefits
Involvement in physical activities such as tumbling can help children sleep better, equipping them to handle physical and emotional challenges better. Attending tumbling classes regularly provides young children with opportunities to engage with adults such as coaches, work within a team, and learn to communicate with people their own age. Additionally, your kids will meet new friends, have fun, and work on independence.