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It’s never too early to get fit and to develop healthy habits. We can be a part of your child’s education. Our children’s programs acquaint kids with the tenets of good health and fitness. They will learn games, sports, and fitness activities here which can stay with them for a lifetime. And best of all … it’s a lot of fun!


Our dynamic classes are a fun and challenging alternative to weight and treadmill routines. With more than 100 different class styles—from dance to boxing, we have a class that will grab your interest. A full schedule of classes is offered daily at each club.


Silverlake "The Family Place" offers a wide range of membership options to fit the needs of our diverse members’ lives. The membership advisors will take the time with you to find out what you are looking for in a facility and your goals to making your life healthy and energetic


Every fitness center has the same equipment and walls. What makes Silverlake "The Family Place" different is how we use the equipment and the atmosphere we create within our walls. We have been creating fitness programs in Northern Ky. since 1991 and have come up with the best ways to get you fit and staying fit.

Job: Birthday Party Host

Title Birthday Party Host
Job Information

Main duty is to help make a child’s birthday fun for children and less work for parents. Be able to adapt to a fast-moving environment with many demands. A host should be familiar with gymnastics and/or keeping children active and safe. A friendly, high spirited and helpful attitude is a must

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